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@Zcash Documentary Series educating the public on how cryptocurrency will change our future


Noam Chomsky once said, "he who controls the media, controls the mind of the public."

As a 21st century learner, who digested as much from media as I did from books, I believe I am a part of a generation that was shaped by film more than ever before. And that influence is only growing with each generation. As I've gotten older, the weight of this has become more apparent to me.

Media has the ability to move us and inspire action by sharing stories of hope, of conquering pain, of new ideas, of the human experience. It is not that media creators should shy away from topics of heartbreak, rather I believe filmmakers have a duty to reflect on how they choose to analyze a subject and consider the lasting effects it may have on open and awaiting minds.

Like every filmmaker, I am a dreamer. I dream of thrilling sci-fi, majestic westerns, passionate love, raging adventure, and documenting the quiet moments in-between that make life worth living. I strive to tell vibrant stories that thoughtfully stimulate the minds of the viewers, so they are not only entertained, but exposed to thought provoking ideas and diverse subjects that enrich their view of the seen and unseen worlds around them.

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About Me

Natasha Mynhier is an award-winning filmmaker (director, cinematographer, editor) and founder of 37 Laines.


She began in branded content where she directed, shot, and edited for brands like Netflix, Marvel, The New York Times, ESPN, and Vogue.


When she moved into narrative films and documentaries, Natasha won Gold at the Cannes Young Director Awards for the narrative film she wrote and directed, In A Beat, and coordinated a fundraiser featuring the film where all proceeds were donated to UCLA's Center for Autism Research and Treatment. After this, she led the creation of a new division of 37 Laines called Zcash Media, funded by Zcash Community Grants, where she produces educational content about how the privacy preserving cryptocurrency will affect the future of our economics, politics, and culture. And most recently, she is directing a climate change documentary about ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers and her mission to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.



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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Flickers Rhode Isla
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