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Aptitude - Short about the future of standardized aptitude testing (awarded the AFI DWW+ fellowship)


Educational Doc Series on privacy in the digital age.

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About Me

Natasha Mynhier is a filmmaker (director, writer, cinematographer, editor) and founder of production company 37 Laines. In her work, she enjoys creating both fiction and documentary projects that explore the evolving intersections of science, technology and human rights. 


In 2020, her fictional short film IN A BEAT – inspired by a true story – not only earned a Gold Award at the Cannes Young Director Awards, but also served as a fundraising platform for UCLA's Center for Autism Research and Treatment.


In 2022, Mynhier directed/produced BEYOND THE SUMMIT, a climate change documentary funded by North Face, chronicling ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers' mission to safeguard the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The film, shot in the Alaskan Arctic, also played a pivotal role in advocating with congressional representatives about the Arctic's climate change impacts. Mynhier takes pride in this achievement, as President Biden recently enacted protections for the land featured in the film.


Mynhier is currently spearheading an educational web series supported by grant funding from the nonprofit Zcash Foundation. This series delves into how privacy-preserving technology will shape human rights, economics and politics, featuring interviews with luminaries like Edward Snowden, Zooko Wilcox, and Vitalik Buterin.


Outside of her directorial projects, Natasha has also worked as a cinematographer for brands like Netflix, Marvel, ESPN and NY Times. For her cinematography, she was awarded entrance to the prestigious American Society of Cinematographer's Vision Mentorship Program (2021).


This year, Mynhier is honored to have been awarded a spot in American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women (AFI DWW+), through which she will be making a science fiction film, APTITUDE, about the future of standardized aptitude testing.



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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Flickers Rhode Isla
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Behind the Scenes


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