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Release Date: April 22, 2022 - Ongoing
Genre: Documentary, Science, Cryptocurrency

A Series by: 37 LAINES
Presented by: Zcash Foundation

Starring: Zooko Wilcox, Edward Snowden

Director: Natasha Mynhier
Writer: David Boyer

Editor: Eli James
Animation: Very True Story
Cinematography: Jeff Hammerton

About the Film
Zcash Media is a YouTube channel that examines human rights in the digital age, with specific attention to the solutions to the internet's privacy problem that are being pioneered in the Zcash ecosystem. In the first episode, we worked with the Zcash community to explain the flaw in Bitcoin that inspired the birth of Zcash. However future episodes will focus more specifically on the history of surveillance capitalism, the rapidly growing privacy problem, and the solutions offered by Zero Knowledge Proofs.

The Pilot
In this video, we explore the issue of privacy in Bitcoin, one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Despite its reputation for being anonymous, Bitcoin's transactions are actually public and can be viewed by anyone on the blockchain network. This lack of privacy is a major flaw in Bitcoin's design, which has been acknowledged by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. We delve into the history of money and the problems with traditional banking systems, and how Bitcoin was intended to provide a decentralized alternative. To solve this problem, we take a look at the use of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) in the cryptocurrency Zcash. ZKP is a technology that allows for the proof of the validity of a transaction without revealing any private information. This is achieved through the use of encryption, making Zcash transactions completely private and anonymous. We also discuss how Zcash's use of ZKP makes it a more secure and private alternative to Bitcoin, while still maintaining its decentralized nature. Overall, this video provides an in-depth look at the privacy issue in Bitcoin and how Zcash's use of ZKP is the solution. It is perfect for anyone interested in learning about the technical side of cryptocurrency, blockchain and the future of money.

Ongoing Work
Upon completion of our pilot in 2022, we decided to focus our series on examining how the degradation of human rights has been exacerbated by the internet. We will be creating 20 episodes investigating the human rights in the digital age and exploring how the technologies pioneered by Zcash developers offer potentially vital protections to the future of privacy.

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