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Release Date: February 12, 2021

Runtime: 8m

Genre: Dance, Experimental, Comedy, Action

Rated: Unrated

Subtitles: English

A Film by: 37 LAINES

Starring: Alex Arnold Lee, Robert Prescott Lee, and Thomas Vu

Director: Natasha Mynhier

Cinematographer: Jeff Hammerton

Editor: Tyler Lahanas

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Short Film
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About the Film

A couple finds themselves trapped in a TV trance. With the help of a pair of disco glasses, the couple breaks free, only to learn the battle is far from over. There’s one more thing they need to do - dance for their lives.

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natasha mynhier and jeff hammerton side by side


Natasha Mynhier and Jeff Hammerton met in 2015 and have worked together on every project since. Together they have shot commercials for companies like Netflix, Marvel, Vogue, and Viacom, as well as various other content including live events, dance films, music videos, and documentaries. They both shoot, direct, edit, make music - in short, they do whatever is necessary to get something made!

In 2019, Natasha and Jeff started adding to their team at 37 LAINES to create a diverse crew of women and men who are pursuing the goal of making entertaining social awareness films.

A Note from the Director

This film was originally inspired by a beautiful dance choreographed by Alex Arnold Lee and a challenge given to me by Jeff Hammerton. Let me set the scene. Jeff and I were sitting in our 86 sf office in Los Angeles (don't worry that was 3 years ago, our office is much more comfortable now). We were discussing what new skills we wanted to learn, and the list was long. We wanted to practice romantic scenes, fight scenes, green screen, animation, vfx, and level up our next dance film. So then Jeff said - why don't you try and come up with an idea that puts all our goals in one short project, so we can learn everything at once. 

A few days later, as I was mulling that over, I attended my alma mater dance studios 2018 recital. Alex and Robert, the leads of this film, the owners of Elevation studios, and my mentors in my final years as a training dancer, were hosting another explosively creative event. It was theater in the round style in a swanky event space behind a bar in the renovated downtown Santa Ana, CA. Sipping on mocktails, the well dressed audience took their seats and the opening act began. Dim lights came up to illuminate an old TV with a static buzzing screen. A young man sat in an arm chair staring blankly at the TV while 6 athletic women were frozen in headstands, scattered around him. That was it. I called Alex the next day to ask her for the music and to pitch her on this comedic, wacky film adaptation of her choreography. 

All of this is to say, now as I sit in a very changed world, I hope that this film will offer someone a laugh. With hard work from many people, and a great editor, Tyler Lahanas - what started as a playground for practice became an experimental film that we are proud of. Somehow releasing this strange film on Valentine's Day weekend during a global pandemic feels poetic. I hope it makes you smile!


Natasha Mynhier

Director's Note Killtronics
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